Consultancy in Manufacturing Excellence Program

Manufacturing Excellence Program from MACE 

Today’s rapidly changing business environment has made manufacturing complex and it is becoming more and more difficult to maintain the Quality, Cost , Delivery and Profitability, given the stringent requirements by the customer. 

To survive in this new environment, we must have a focused approach and strategy towards the way we have been looking at manufacturing operations so far. 

MACE has analyzed the various business issues concerning today’s manufacturing and the pressure on the operations of suppliers. 

The following issues were identified: 

  • Decreasing Productivity and increasing defects 
  • High Delivery Failures at Customer
  • High Cost of Manufacturing - Low Volume, High Variety
  • Non-availability of Skilled and Stable manpower
  • Less spread of Low Cost Automation
  • Profitability Erosion due to supply chain disruption
  • Difficulty in aligning to rapidly changing external environment

MACE has piloted a program known as Manufacturing Excellence Program ( MEP) to improve the efficiency of operations through lean approach of “Value Stream Mapping” to strengthen and enhance manufacturing organization’s capability to enhance value and identify and eliminate waste in a structured way. 

This has not only resulted in improving the Quality, Cost and Delivery to the customer, but also resulted in profitability and most importantly moving away from firefighting way of working.

The MEP program consists of 20 modules divided into 3 levels spread over 30 months. The modules are inter-connected.

At the end of the program companies will be in a position to independently define their further future vision and make improvements to achieve the vision.