7 QC Tools for Problem Solving

These QC Tools are the result of hard work put in by Dr Edward Deming and Dr Kaoru Ishikawa towards improving the quality standards of Japanese industry after the WW2.


In order to be effective in his work, each and every shop floor engineer must learn these 7 QC Tools.

Tool Name


Excel's usage

Check Sheet

To gather data of the defects

Basic Template

Pareto Diagram

To determine priority

Creating a Column and Line Chart)

Stratification, Charts and PFD

To understand the problem minutely

The commonly used graphs

Cause & Effect Diagram

To know the root cause of the problem



To quickly determine health of the process

Creating Histogram through Excel and knowing the frequency count

Scatter Diagram

To know the co-relation between two variables

Regression analysis through excel and properties of R

Control Charts

To know whether the process is in statistical control

Plotting the UCL, Mean and LCL and the X Bar and R Bar lines)



We in MACE, first explain the participants about the purpose and methodology of these tools and then ask them to generate these graphs through excel. For this we train them on the usage of Data Analysis Tool Pack. Extensive case studies are quoted for the applications of these tools.

 This program is delivered in a Hinglish (Hindi + English mix) so that all the shop floor people can understand it properly and can avail its  benefits.


Interactive  sessions through team working and situation testing. Conceptual discussions are well supported by interaction, case studies, examples, role plays and inbound/ outbound activities.

Who should attend?
This program is aimed at Supervisors to Managers

Duration: 1 Day

Trainer - Mr. Yash Khetarpal

AGM (MSIL ) - Faculty

Yash Khetrapal has been working with Maruti Suzuki India Ltd., since 1984, almost from the start of the organization. Having an official designation of Astt Gen Mgr, he  is posted on deputation to Maruti Center for Excellence as General Manager and is responsible for Training.

He is the Chief Trainer at  MACE  and delivers training